The showcase of the new Rock musical “Artaban” with West End cast

Three Gemstones Productions present
The showcase of the new Rock musical “Artaban”
with West End cast

Adapted for the stage from the book “The Other Wise Man” by Henry van Dyke

The Actors Church, St Paul’s, Covent Garden,
London, WC2E 9ED

23 Nov 19.30 24 Nov 15.30 & 19.30

Music: Rick Radley Director: Sasha Regan
Book: Daphne Lander Musical Director: Kipper Eldridge
Lyrics: Anne Jones

Tickets £20 please visit

Our Story of Artaban

Our Story of Artaban
We meet ARTABAN, magi and astrologer, in despair of a world filled with corruption, oppression and greed. But all hope is not lost; he and his fellow magi have discovered from their studies of ancient prophecies that there will be a new leader; a king who will bring light back to the world.

This uplifting story follows the adventures of ARTABAN the fourth Wise Man on his lifelong quest to deliver his gift of gemstones to Jesus. Will he succeed? Will his sacrifices reveal the true light and purpose of his life? As the story unfolds, we are introduced to the assortment of colourful characters ARTABAN meets on his journey. With breath-taking performances by a West End cast, we witness his struggles and achievements. The story is brought to life by the vibrant music and songs which tap into all emotions.

A rock vibe is interweaved throughout, taking you on a mesmerising journey, as the songs morph from the soulful tracks “Sacrifices of the Heart”, “Love goes on Forever” and “Journey’s End” to the gritty, impactful guitar riffs of “Herod” and “Artaban”. The rousing finale of “I Now Understand” will have you bubbling over with hand clapping, foot-tapping joy.

For more Info contact:

Sashi Radley: 07931 531053

Producers contact:
Tony Jones: 07899 890606

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