Please enjoy our `sketch` studio musical production and some of Rick’s original recordings.

  • Underscore
    Atmospheric Music Introducing the Musical


  • Light of Mazda
    Artaban, magi, sage and astrologer is praying to the God of Light asking for a sign of hope for a better world.
    Light Of Mazda
  • The King will be Born
    Artaban is in despair of the darkness and evil in the world. He, along with his fellow priests, the three Magi – draw hope from the ancient prophecy that a king will come to bring light to the world. Together, the four anticipate the sign of a star which is expected soon.
    The King Will be Born
  • He will bring light
    Artaban has sold all his possessions and bought gemstones as his gift to take to the new king. He now asks his friends to join him on the journey with the Magi, but each give their excuses for not going.

    He Will Bring The Light – Original

    He Will Bring The Light – Remix

  • Sacrifices of the Heart
    Artaban takes Esther, an escaped slave from the evil court of Herod, with him on his journey to join the other Magi, but they are delayed when he stops to help Amos, an old Hebrew man he finds dying by the roadside. He is torn between his desire to meet up with the other wise men and his need to help the sick man.
    Sacrifices of The Heart

    Sacrifices of The Heart – Fast (Rick)

  • Sapphire Blue, My Gift to you
    Artaban finds that the other three wise men who he had planned to meet have gone on without him. He must choose which of the gemstones, his gifts for the king, he will sell to buy his own caravan to continue the journey.

    Sapphire Blue, My Gift to you – Slow (Kip)

    Sapphire Blue, My Gift to you – Slow (Rick)

  • We Have it
    A full company song at the marketplace, as Artaban and Esther buy the provisions for their journey across the desert to Bethlehem.

    We Have It (Kip)

  • Herod
    The evil Herod hears that Artaban has prophesied the birth of a new King of the Jews – a usurper to his throne. In his rage he sends out his soldiers to kill all new-born boy Jews.


  • I see a Hero
    Sung by Martha, Esther and Artaban after Artaban has used the ruby to bribe the captain of the soldiers to save the life of Martha’s new-born boy. Artaban is filled with remorse for letting go of the ruby and for lying to the soldiers. On the other hand, Martha and Esther are filled with admiration for his act of kindness.

    I See a Hero

  • Love goes on Forever
    Sung by Esther and Artaban as they separate from each other, and he continues his quest alone.

    Love Goes On Forever

    Love Goes On Forever – Original

  • Egypt
    Artaban is trekking through the desert alone to Egypt seeking the Holy Family who are forever elusively just ahead of him.

    Egypt (Kip)

    Egypt (Rick)

  • Magi’s Song
    Artaban meets up again with the other Magi in the Library in Alexandria. They show him an old text that prophesies that the new king will not live the life of a king but will live with the poor and will die young betrayed by those he helped.

    Magi’s Song (Kip)

    Magi’s Song (Rick)

  • In Praise of Compassion
    Through his quest to find the king, Artaban helps many, many people. This is their tribute to him and the stories of how he has helped them. Esther is in the crowd and becomes reunited with her love, Artaban.

    In Praise of Compassion

  • Passover
    Artaban and Esther arrive in Jerusalem at the Festival of Passover, and he hears that a king is to be crucified. He hopes to rescue him with the last gem, the pearl, but Herod’s son Herod Antipas is out for revenge on his father’s behalf. He gets Artaban and Esther invited to a Passover Feast where his soldiers capture and imprison them.


  • Journeys End
    Artaban reflects on his journey and feels he could have done better to save Jesus at his time of need. Will God forgive him? He passes on the message of what he has learned to future generations; he hopes he will not be forgotten.

    Journeys End

    Journeys End (Rick)

  • Artaban
    The news of Artaban’s imprisonment gets out and the question is raised “Who is Artaban?” The crowd respond with this song.


  • I now Understand
    Artaban rescues Esther by bribing the guard, using the pearl that he had planned to use to rescue Jesus. Herod arrives and threatens the guard who manages to overcome and kill Herod. As Artaban learns of the death of Jesus he is filled with remorse that he has failed in his life-long quest to help him, but Esther hears a message for Artaban from God. God reassures him that he has in fact fulfilled his life purpose; by doing the good deeds and caring for people he has brought light to the world. This is a full cast song with counter melodies and reprises.

    I Now Understand