The key to being uplifted and enriched with Anne Jones and Jojo Fraser

It’s time for a mojo injection, jump in and feel lighter. This week Jojo talks with Anne Jones about the key to being uplifted and enriched and why it is never too late to follow your dreams. Anne Jones is a spiritual healer, international author, and co-creator of ‘Artaban The Musical’. Anne is in her mid-70s, but that didn’t stop her and friend Daphne Lander following their dream to turn a 100-year-old book into a rock musical for the West End stage.

Artaban The Musical’ is a new rock musical, based on the book “The Other Wise Man” by Henry van Dyke. It’s a story, full of heart and soul, that is set over 2000 years ago, and yet is still relevant today. Artaban is the tale of an unsung hero who sacrifices his dreams to help others, set against the backdrop of the birth of Christ.

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