The New Musical filled with Heart and Soul

This is the story of Artaban, the fourth wise man, who missed the birth of Jesus because he stopped to help a sick man by the roadside. Throughout his life he continues to search unsuccessfully for the prophesied new King, always yearning to meet him, to deliver his gift of gemstones and support him in the battle of light against the evils of their world. He faces self-doubt and frustration as personal love and his compassion for those in need continuously divert him from his goal. Will he come to understand the true purpose of his life?

A 2000-year-old story that is just as relevant today!

Dedicated to every-day unsung heroes from all walks of life who sacrifice their dreams to help others but through their kind acts and compassion discover the greatest gift of all.

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Artaban the Musical Showcase Video


We had a successful showcase at St Gabriel’s Hall in Pimlico with a West End cast led by director Joe Hancock and producer Clemmie Forfar. Kipper Eldridge as musical Director and lead guitar... Read More